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Doris Bachmann-Medick, Dr. phil., Permanent Senior Research Fellow at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), University of Giessen/Germany; works and teaches on Cultural Theory and recent disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transnational developments in the Study of Culture.

Main research interests: Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies, Literary Anthropology, Translation Studies, Intercultural Communication.

Please find my list of publications over here.



Soeben ist der Band “Migration: Changing Concepts, Critical Approaches, hg. von Doris Bachmann-Medick und Jens Kugele. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter 2018″ erschienen. Darin werden “Migration” und der Migrationsdiskurs mit kulturwissenschaftlichem Blick auf die zugrundeliegenden, gesellschaftlich hochwirksamen concepts, regimes und frames untersucht:

Recent debates on migration have demonstrated the important role of concepts in academic and political discourse.The contributions to this collection revisit established analytical categories in the study of migration such as border regimes, orders of belonging, coloniality, translation, trans/national digital culture and memory. Exploring notions, images and realities of migration in their cultural framings, this volume sheds light on the powerful work of these concepts. Including perspectives on migration from history, visual studies, pedagogy, literary and cultural studies, cultural anthropology and sociology, it explores the complex scholarly and popular notions of migration with particular focus on their often unspoken assumptions and political implications.Revisiting established analytical tools in the study of migration, the interdisciplinary contributions explore new approaches and point to the importance of conceptual nuance extending beyond academic discourse.

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